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Auditor's independence declaration

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Under the provisions of the Corporation Act 2001, the Auditor’s Independence Declaration is required for a large company and generally accompanies the Audit report.

When the Auditor’s Independence Declaration is required to display with the Audit Report in the set of financial reports, set DB.#EntityDetails.ClientDetails.Audited = “Yes“ and DB.OtherReports.AuditorsIndependenceDeclaration.AuditorsIndependenceDeclared = Yes“.

This report prints similar information as the declaration section of the Audit Report from DB.OtherReports.AuditReport. If a contravention statement is required to be made in the Auditor’s Independence Declaration, details of the contravention should be entered in DB.OtherReports.AuditorsIndependenceDeclaration.

Wording in this report will automatically update for single / multiple directors depending on the number of directors entered in DB.OtherReports.Director. This report will need to be signed by either the director or partner of the auditing firm. See Directors and partners.

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