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Generating reports

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Reports are produced so you can:

  • meet statutory reporting obligations

  • be prepared for the management of a client business

  • fulfil contractual obligations.

Once all transactions and adjusting journal entries have been recorded in the General Ledger for a client, you can generate reports for them.

When you open the Generating Reports window, the title bar displays the name of the current client ledger. The reports that are listed when the Generating Reports window is first opened for a client are all those that are available for the client’s business entity.

When you launch the Generating Reports window for a client ledger, a list of available reports for the selected client and their business entity are displayed.

The reports are displayed in the following order:

  • Compliance Reports (denoted by a hash (#))

  • Management Reports (denoted by a dollar sign($))

  • all other reports.

All report types are listed in alphabetical order.

From the Reports list, you can:


Within the Report Preview window you can export, print, navigate through the report and drill down to get more information on items within the report. You can also refresh the ledger data to re-preview the report with the latest data.


You can print a report without previewing it first.


You can export reports to disk in *.doc, *.xls and *.pdf format.

Deselect All

You can deselect all selected reports.

You can also export, print or preview more than one report at a time.

Selecting reports

A report can be selected (or de-selected) by clicking the checkbox to the left of the report. As soon as one report is selected, the Preview, Print, Export and Deselect All buttons are enabled.

Navigation in the Generating Reports window

The Generating Reports window contains a toolbar and several elements for easy navigation of reports and formatting features.

  • Each element can be expanded and contracted using the

    navigation collapse

  • You can show or hide the left hand pane, by clicking the

    button from the toolbar.

  • The right-hand pane toggles the Reports element (this will show the Reporter year).

Ensure that all the elements are listed in the related topics.

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