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Maintaining Reporter

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

There are a number of options in relation to protecting your reports and client data. The way in which you implement these options will depend on your practice, particularly your existing backup routines and practice work flow.

MYOB recommends that you back up client data on a regular basis, in particular:

  • before working on a client's data, especially when processing a large amount of client data.

  • after doing significant amount of work on a client's data.

  • prior to performing critical functions, such as year end rollover.

  • prior to installing software or updates to the Masters.

General Ledger users will be used to backing up each client ledger as a regular part of their work routine. This will automatically back up any client specific Reporter components and the non-transaction data for the client.

For more information on backing up and restoring your client ledgers, see your General Ledger help system.

Roll Forward should only be done by your System Administrator.

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