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AE Tax 2020.1, AO Classic Tax 23.0.1, AE/AO Tax Manager 2020.1 fixes (New Zealand)

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Manager (NZ)
  • AO Classic (NZ)
  • AO Tax (NZ)
  • AE Tax (NZ)
Article ID: 52697521

We're fixing the following issues in service packs. Stay tuned for the release notes.

AO Classic Tax 23.0.1

Residual Income Tax incorrect on tax summary when there is IETC.

AO Classic Residual Income Tax incorrect on tax summary when there is IETC

Tax summary—Ring Fencing Rental Losses prints special characters when output to PDF.For a tax return with Ring fencing income, if you output the tax summary to PDF, the Ring fencing schedule prints special characters.
IR4 Tax summary prints Less Refundable R&D tax credits.The IR4 tax return prints the line Less Refundable R&D tax credits even when nil.
2020 IR6 Summary of tax payable tab displays incorrect totals.Summary of tax payable tab for 2020 IR6 tax return displays incorrect totals for KP28B and KP28C.
RIT is incorrect and caps at 255,000.When tax credits exceed tax on taxable income, RIT is incorrect and is capping at 255,000.
IR4 with loss brought forward and subvention payments received to company calculating tax payable.The IR4 tax return with losses brought forward can't claim subvention payments received and calculate tax payable.
IR4 can't E-File when claiming losses with ring fencing.The IR4 tax return with losses brought forward and offset by ring fencing income gets the audit error 'Losses claimed are greater than available income'.
2020 IR4 with losses and loss brought forward.The IR4 tax summary line Loss to be carried forward prints the total of current year loss and not losses brought forward.
IR4\IR8 tax summary loss claimed prints out of alignment.The tax summary for IR4 and IR8 tax return prints the line Losses claimed out of alignment with the lines Losses brought forward and Losses to carry forward.
AE Tax 2020.1
IR4 Cannot claim less than the loss brought forward.The IR4 tax return can't claim less than the total of losses brought forward.
Client schedules—ring fencing.The tax statement prints only the total of Ring fencing income and doesn't list each individual source.
IR4 can't allocate loss brought forward when current year has a loss.The IR4 tax return can't claim loss when allocating a loss offset or if subvention payment is received.
IR901DL to include year end or return year.The IR901 letter doesn't print for the tax year that payment is being made.
AE/AO Tax Manager 2020.1
IRD Data—import of bulk file fails with error.Importing IRD data from the bulk file fails with an error. The sequence contains no matching element.
Filed status not updating.Using E-FIle, the 2020 tax return doesn't update the tax return status. The status remains as Sent to E-file.


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