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Changes to the client's Documents tab and Profiling in Document Manager 5.4.25

This support note applies to:

  • AO Document Manager (AU)
  • AO Document Manager (NZ)
  • AE Document Manager (NZ)
  • AE Document Manager (AU)
Article ID: 38975

We've made some improvements to the Client's Documents tab in Document Manager.

This tab will now search for documents in the same way as when you search for documents from the Documents icon in MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) and Accountants Office (AO).

You can view a quick summary of the changes in the Release Notes or view the detailed changes below

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Accountants Enterprise

AU AE Release Notes

NZ AE Release Notes

Accountants Office

AU AO Release Notes

NZ AO Release Notes
Changes to the Search functionality

The search function is now an industry standard search using OR instead of AND. For example, if you enter "Engagement Letter" in the search field, Document Manager will find any documents that include either "Engagement" or "Letter".

MYOB are investigating the implementation of using "AND" in the search function. This means that when searching the term "Engagement Letter", Document Manager will retrieve results that contain both "Engagement" and "Letter" in the document only.

The documents tab allows the use of asterisks (*) wildcards to find any document with a title that includes the exact phrase. For example, when entering the term *NSW payroll* in the Title column, all documents with the exact phrase "NSW payroll" is returned.

Search example

Full Text Search

When selecting Full text search from the Client > Documents tab, Document Manager now returns documents where text entered in the Search For field is located anywhere within the document's content, as well as the file name, title, keywords and Extras data. If you are using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the Full text search will also include PDF documents in the results.

If you choose not to perform a Full text search, the search results will only return documents where the searched text matches the document file name, title, keywords or Extras data.

If Full text search is not selected, show current version will be selected by default.

Show current version only

The Show current version only option is selected by default. To find previous versions of a document ensure that the Show Current Version only checkbox is deselected.

Display Documents from

This now displays documents modified from the date specified instead of documents created from that date.

Display of Search Results

There are now four icon columns so you can quickly indicate documents that:

  • have an attachment
  • is a linked document
  • has been published to the MYOB Portal and digitally signed
  • is currently checked out

Documents displaying attachments


A new column has been added to the Search Results display. New documents with attachments added after installing 5.4.25 will now have an attachment icon. Existing documents in Document Manager will not display this icon unless they are checked-in again.

The Attachment icon only displays for emails with attachments that have been received from a desktop-based email, such as Microsoft (MS) Outlook. MYOB is investigating the inclusion of the icons for emails received from a web-based browser email, such as Gmail and Hotmail.

Filtering Document Types

The filter on the Document type icon column has been removed. To filter based on document type, use the 'Document Type' column available from the Field chooser.

View Search Criteria

This feature is available when performing a Full text search and can be selected from the bottom right-hand corner of the Documents tab. When selected, the search being used is displayed. 


The matched documents are sorted by matching 'score'. The score is calculated using an algorithm which searches for the entered search string in the title, document content and any extra fields, etc, of the documents in the database, then displays the score percentage.  This field has always been available via the Documents Icon.

Changes to Profiling


You can now type a client name in the Contact field in the Create document wizard and the document profiling (Share It) window. To quickly select your most recent contacts, use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard, or when starting to key in your client's name any clients that match the text entered will appear.

Create document wizard

To key in a client code when profiling, use the magnifying glass. When selecting a client code you can also use the up and down arrow keys to display your most recent clients.

Client details


This function has changed in Changes to the Client Documents tab and Profiling in Document Manager 5.4.26 where you can now type a client name in the Contact field in the Create document wizard and the document profiling (Share It) window.

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