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Changing a return type in Accountants Enterprise Practice Manager when running Compliance Integration

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
Article ID: 23984

There are circumstances in Accountants Enterprise (AE) Practice Manager where you may need to change a return type for a client.

This can occur when a client type changes or has been incorrectly created, for example a company is now a partnership. 

The Return Type is displayed in AE Practice Manager on the Extras tab for clients. Return Type is one of the few data fields that is set by creating a Tax return, and it integrates from AE Tax to AE PM, and not the other way around. This Return Type extra field is not editable in AE PM.

AE Practice Manager has only 2 client types:

  • Person or
  • Organisation.

An individual can only have an individual return type, whereas an organisation can be a Company, Partnership, Trust etc.

Changing a client's return type

If the return type on a client's tax return is incorrect, you can change it using the following methods:

  • If you have just created the client in AE PM and the wrong return type was selected, you can delete the return, change the client to a contact, delete the contact and then recreate it with the correct return type.
  • Edit the Return Type attribute from the Old Contacts interface accessed from a client's tax return.

Deleting a tax return and converting a contact to a client

Clients cannot be deleted in AE Practice Manager (AE PM) if any WIP or debtor transactions have been posted to the client. If no transactions have been posted to the client, delete any assignments, convert the client to a contact then delete the contact following the steps below.

To delete a tax return

See Deleting a tax return in Accountants Enterprise.

To convert a client to a contact and delete the contact
  1. Open the client's page and, on the TASKS bar, click Convert to Contact. The client is converted to a contact, and the contact page remains open.
  2. On the TASKS bar, click the Delete Contact link and confirm Yes. The contact is deleted.
  3. Once completed, recreate the client with the correct Contact Type, then recreate the tax return selecting the correct return type.

Editing the Return Type attribute from the Old Contacts interface

To edit the Return Type attribute
  1. Delete any currently created tax return for the problem client.
  2. Open an AE Tax return for any client.
  3. From the Preparation menu, select Contact Profile. The Old Contacts interface opens.
  4. Search for and double-click on the required client. The client page opens.
  5. Click the Attributes tab. The attributes appear.
  6. Change the Return Type attribute to be the required value the press TAB past this field. The change is saved.
  7. Close the client page, the old Contacts interface, and the AE tax return. The applications are closed.
  8. Open the relevant client page in AE Practice Manager, and create a new AE Tax return. It should now create a return with the correct return type.

    The return type on the AEPM Client Page > Extras tab will be updated to show the correct return type once the new tax return has been created, but sometimes it takes a little while to integrate through from AE Tax.
    In addition, the Contacts interface should only be accessed by administrator users for administrative purposes. It should not be used for general data entry, which must be done from AE Practice Manager.


You can edit the return type by running a Database Edit on the 000000.pms database.

Prior to running a DBed, a datasafe backup should always be run.
To run a Database Edit on the 000000.pms database
  1. From the Windows desktop, go to Start > Programs > MYOB Accountants Enterprise > DataSafe. The Datasafe Utilities window appears.
  2. Click Support Tools. The MYOB Database Utilities screen appears.
  3. Select the following items from the Other Utilities drop-down lists:
    • Utility: Dbed - Edit database
    • Database: Profiles (PMS)
    • Client: No Client (Practice File)
    • Copy: Home
    • Argument: -t~ (defaults to this)
  4. Click Run Now. The MS DOS screen with a prompt appears.
  5. Type p client with client(<client code>) taxtype and press ENTER, where client code is the actual client's code from the Contacts screen. The following details appear on the next line: <Client Code>~<Return Type>.
  6. Type u client with client(<client code>) taxtype and press ENTER. A blank line appears.
  7. Type the <client code>~<correct return type> and press ENTER using the format in step 5. Another blank line appears.

    You should not key any spaces in step above.
  8. Type . (full-stop) and press ENTER. A line with a prompt appears.
  9. Type q and press ENTER. The Solution 6 Database Utilities screen appears. You have successfully changed the return type for an existing client.


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