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Database upgrade stuck as "Update configuration for Viz"

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
Article ID: 37417113

When installing MYOB Tax Series 6.47 or 8.31 for 2019, you may experience the installation gets stuck at the step "Update configuration for Viz".

To resolve this issue, cancel the installation and choose Terminate the database installation now. Then run AETaxconfigupdate.exe from the Bin folder.

You don't need to restore a backup after cancelling the install.

To run AETaxconfigupdate.exe

For this procedure, you'll need to know the Locating the bin folder.

  1. Open Windows File explorer, and navigate to X:\MYOB\Bin.
  2. Double-click on AETaxconfigupdate.exe
    During this process, you'll see:
    • The services are stopped,
    • Tax components are configured,
    • Administration centre files are updated and the 12 steps of configuring the AE Tax database run.

    When finished, the Setup Complete window appears.

    If the installation fails, or you receive an error at this step, contact MYOB support for further investigation.

  3. Click Finish.


If the install fails, run through the steps in the internal article – KB 0022020 

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