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Director ID changes to AE/AO and reporting on Associations

This support note applies to:

  • AO Practice Manager (AU)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
  • AO Corporate Compliance (AU)
  • AE Corporate Compliance (AU)
Article ID: 72188347

As per the latest changes from the ABRS, all company directors in Australia need to apply for a director ID.

Changes in AE/AO

These changes will be visible only after installing the 5.4.41 update. The 5.4.41 update is now available on my.myob.

We're implementing the new requirement in MYOB AE/AO by adding a new field called Director ID. You can access this field from Maintenance > User Defined > Extra Fields. Until this release is available, we recommend you don't create a director ID field in the Extra type.

Where do I enter the director ID?

In AE/AO, you can find the Director ID field in the Main tab, and also in the Extra tab in the client details. This field will be available for all contacts, but you need to complete the Director ID field only for individuals and not companies.

In this release, we'll validate director IDs for the length and format (numbers only). We won't validate a director ID number against the ABRS records and won't check for duplicates within AE/AO.

If you have to change the director's name in AE/AO to match the ABRS records, be aware that this may affect other tasks, such as tax lodgements as the ATO data matches the names on their record to what's being lodged.



The director ID displays only the first 14 out of the 15 digits in the Director ID field. Use the arrow to scroll to the end of the field to view the last number.

What if I've already created the extra field?

Depending on the name of the field, the settings (not the data) will be overwritten after you install the 5.4.41 update.

  • If you've called the extra field - Director ID, (which is the same as the MYOB default), the settings (not the data) will be overwritten.
  • If you've called extra field type is called anything other than Director ID (such as directorID, DirectorsID), you'll need to copy the data into the Director ID field that is created by the system and delete the one you've created.

Running a report to find out the director associations

You'll need to find out the associations to clients that have been created within your database, so you can send them information or reminder about the director ID requirements.

Depending on where your practice is maintaining the associations who are directors, check the options below and follow that suit you the best.

Creating a report in AE/AO

If you use AE/AO and you maintain all your director details in the Associated tab in the client details, use our template to create a report on the list of clients and the associations. Follow the steps below:

The report data relies on the information that is set up in the Associated tab. Make sure the details in the Associated tab are up to date and maintained in order to get accurate data.

    1. Download the AEPM_Associations_Report.xlsm.
    2. Open the downloaded file. The Summary worksheet opens. The Excel has 3 worksheets - Overview, Summary, Detail.

      Make sure to click the Enable Content if prompted.

    3. In the SQLServerName\Instance field, enter your SQL server name with the instance.
    4. In the PM Database name field, enter your PM database name.
    5. Include Closed Clients defaults to Yes. You can change it to No if required.
    6. You can find the SQL server name with the instance and the database on top of the AE/AO window after you've logged in.
    7. Click Run Associations Report. The results will be displayed in the Details worksheet.
    8. The results in the Details worksheet are in 2 sections. On one side you'll see the client details, and scroll to the right to see the association details.
      The results displayed are the primary contact details of the clients and their associations.
    9. Filter the Excel sheet for the correct associations required
Creating a report from the Corporate Compliance database

You can run a script on the Corporate compliance database to get a report on the clients and the associations. Follow the steps below

    1. Go to the server where the Corporate Compliance database is located.
    2. Download the and save it on your server.
    3. Unzip the downloaded query file and extract the Updated_Director_Name_Report.sql file to the server's desktop.
    4. Open SQL Management Studio.
    5. Back up the Corporate Compliance database. See Backing up an SQL database using Management Studio
    6. Follow the menu path: File > Open > File.
    7. From the Open File window, navigate to and select the script file(Updated_Director_Name_Report.sql) and then click Open.

    8. Make sure to select the Corporate Compliance database from the Available databases drop-down.

    9. Press F5 or click Execute. The results will be displayed in the bottom section.

    10. In the Results tab, right-click the top left box and select Copy with Headers.
    11. Open an Excel sheet and paste the contents

      If you don't have Excel on your server, you can copy the contents into a notepad.

If you use Corporate admin and MYOB Practice

If you use Corporate admin, you can use the spreadsheet from option1 to identify the clients and associations.

If you don't have associations set up in AE/AO, call our support team to organise a report from your Corporate admin data. It may take 48 hours to provide you with the report.

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