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Duplicating an Assets ledger in AE Assets

This support note applies to:

  • AE Assets (NZ)
Article ID: 34977

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Assets (AE Assets) you may wish to create an exact copy of an existing ledger with both MAS and Assets.

There are two options in duplicating a MAS ledger:

  1. Partial Copy. The Partial Copy takes the Chart of Accounts, the Date Structure and the client level reports to the new ledger.
  2. Full Copy. The Full Copy takes the same information as a Partial copy, but also includes transactions from the original MAS ledger. Selecting Full Copy will also copy the related Assets ledger to the new ledger.

To duplicate a MAS and Assets ledger. For more details refer to Duplicating a MAS ledger and at Step 14 select Full - the entire ledger.  

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