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Entering the ABN Division Number

This support note applies to:

  • AO Practice Manager (AU)
  • AO Tax (AU)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Tax (AU)
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How do I ?

In MYOB you may need to create and lodge an Activity Statement with the same Australian Business Number (ABN) but different Division Numbers (No.) for a client.

MYOB does not require you to enter multiple clients for each division number, howeveras MYOB does not allow the same ABN to be entered for multiple clients you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter the ABN into MYOB Practice Manager (PM) then
  2. Enter the ABN Division No. when creating the Activity Statement.
Potentially, for the one same client you may see multiple activity statements for the same period for each respective division number. 
Entering the ABN Division Number
Before performing this process, first ensure that the ABN (without the Division) has been entered into the Client Details - Main tab in MYOB.  This will ensure that the ABN will pre-populate in the correct field in the Activity Statement.  The process below will ensure that the Division Number is entered into the Activity Statement. 

 Perform the following instructions when creating or within the activity statement:

  1. Enter the Division Number into the small field located to the right of the ABN field.

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