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Entering the PAYG instalments paid in a tax return

This support note applies to:

  • AO Tax (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Tax (AU)
Article ID: 33475

In MYOB Tax, where a taxpayer has paid PAYG instalments to the ATO during the year, these instalments need to be entered in the PAYG/Lodge tab of the Return Properties area within the Individual Tax Return.

These figures then appear in the Tax Estimate and are used for the calculation of the Net Tax Payable/Refundable for the tax year.

To enter the PAYG instalments
  1. From within the Individual Return requiring the PAYG instalments to appear in the tax estimate, click on the Properties
    icon. The Return Properties window appears.
  2. Select the PAYG/Lodge tab. The contents of the PAYG/Lodge tab appear.
  3. In the section labeled PAYG Instalments for 20xx estimate, (where 20xx is the tax year you are completing) there are two methods of entering the data:
    1. Use amounts from the GST/PAYG Profile, or
    2. Use manually calculated value.
    If you have not prepared the Activity Statements on behalf of your client, select the Use Manually Calculated Value method and enter the total PAYG instalments paid.

    If you have used MYOB Tax to process the Quarterly Activity Statements, the values will automatically integrate correctly into the tax estimate.

    If you have only prepared the fourth Quarterly Activity Statement, enter the total PAYG Instalment paid for Quarters 1 to 3 and the value for Quarter 4 will integrate directly from the GST/PAYG Profile area into the Properties > PAYG/Lodge tab.  If you want to check the values in the GST/PAYG Profile area refer to the section AccessingtheGST/PAYGProfile.

  4. Enter the PAYG instalment amounts using one of the above methods, then click OK to save and close.
  5. The PAYG instalment amounts will appear in the tax estimate.

Accessing the GST/PAYG Profile

The GST/PAYG Profile area is located within the tax return.

To access the GST/PAYG Profile
  1. Follow the menu path Preparation > GST/PAYG Profile. The GST/PAYG Profile window appears.
  2. Select the Instalment tab. The contents of the Instalment tab displays.
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