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Environment Error: "10210 Write error - xxxx" when amending or deleting a transaction

This support note applies to:

  • AE Accounts (AU)
Article ID: 26342

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Accounts when you are amending or deleting a transaction you may experience the error "Environment Error 10210: Write Error - xxxx". This may also result in your accounts being out of balance. 

If you then get the message "actsys ok, recovery completed" then this has unlocked the error and you are be able to continue your transactions. Check your trial balance and general ledger to ensure they agree to the transactions that are in the file.

To ensure the ledger balances and that the reports reflect the correct amounts perform both an external and internal verification of the ledger.

The internal verify process includes re-distributing the profit for Trust and Superannuation Fund ledgers.
To verify the ledger


Ensure the Accounts ledger is closed prior to performing these steps. Included in the following steps is creating a backup. If you experience errors in the backup process, this can indicate corruption in the file and you need to restore the data from a prior backup.


  1. Open the client and click Client Compliance in the Tasks panel. The Client Compliance window opens.

    If you use Contacts start from Step 2.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Client File Maintenance. The Client File Maintenance screen appears.
  3. Type ACT in the File Group field and press ENTER. Information relating to the Accounting file appears.
  4. Type B for Backup at the Selection prompt and press ENTER. The system performs a back up of this ledger.

    If the ledger has structural errors, the message "Bad file - Are you sure" displays. Type N. You need to restore a valid copy of this ledger. If the file backs up without any errors then continue with the following steps.
  5. Type V at the Selection prompt and press ENTER. The system displays a message similar to "No errors on q:\data\myob\v0\000123.act".
  6. Press F4. The Client File Maintenance screen closes.


  1. Open the Accounts ledger and from the Tools menu, select Verify Ledger. The Accounts - Verify ledger wizard appears.
  2. Select Make a backup now and click Next. The next step of the wizard appears specifying the backup details.
  3. Click Next to continue and perform the integrity check. The the wizard acknowledges that the verification process is now complete.

  4. Click Finish. The MYOB AE Accounts ledger for that client appears.


Prior to version 6.15 and 7.5, if the client ran fixacc on the ledger, and was using BTM to process their transactions, this would cause the BTM Reconciliation to display incorrectly. The fixacc command was changed in version 7.5 and 6.15 to enable it to be run on accounting files using BTM without affecting the BTM Reconciliation balances. The commands below detail the steps for running fixacc in versions prior to 6.15 and 7.5 so that the BTM balances are not affected. If the client is using BTM to process transactions, please follow these procedures in order to run the fixacc command:

1. From the MYOB Program directory (e.g. s:\MYOB\bin) type the following
..\bin>dbed q:\data\MYOB\v0\000234.act <enter> (where q:\data\MYOB\v0\000234.act is the path of the accounting file)
}t~ <enter>
}s account with code(1097-1099)>x.x <enter>
}q <enter>
..\bin>crunw32 act.fixacc -dbq:\data\MYOB\v0\000234.act <enter>
..\bin>dbed q:\data\MYOB\v0\000234.act <enter>
}t~ <enter>
}u account <x.x <enter>
}q <enter>

2. The fixacc program will run in the background checking and correcting errors. Do not access the ledger for a few minutes.

3. If successful, the fixacc program terminates without displaying any message. If your accounting file requires any profit to be allocated, these screens will be displayed.

4. Open the Accounting file and ensure that the BTM Bank Reconciliation Balances to the figures shown in the General Ledger and BTM entry screens. Cash Book Balance should equal Balance in the General Ledger Bank Statement Balance should equal the BTM entry screen balance If the client has two accounting years open, ensure to check both years.



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