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Environment error: "2147220991 Stack:S6RepLauncher.Main S6 RepLauncher method of object failed"

This support note applies to:

  • AE Reporter (AU)
Article ID: 28129

When you access the MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Reporter menus from an Accounts ledger you may experience the error message "Environment error 2147220991 Stack:S6RepLauncher.Main S6 RepLauncher method of object failed".

If this is occuring for one ledger only, to be able to access this ledger, compact and expand the Accounts file.

If the error is occuring for multiple machines and this ledger is fine on another machine, run an MYOB AE Reporter workstation setup or replace the S6AccReporter.dll on the server.

To compact and expand the Accounts file
  1. Practice Manager select the client and click the Client Compliance tab, then from the Tools menu, select Client file maintenance. The Client File Maintenance screen appears.

    If you use Contacts, highlight the problematic contact and from the Tools menu, select Client File maintenance.
  2. Type ACT in the File group field and press ENTER. The Accounts file is selected.
  3. Type C for compact in the Selection field and press ENTER. The ledger is compressed.
  4. Repeat step 3. The ledger is compressed further.
  5. Type E for expand in the Selection field and press ENTER. The ledger is expanded.
  6. Repeat step 5 another 3 times. The ledger is expanded as required.
  7. Exit Client File Maintenance. The Contacts list appears.
  8. Open the Accounts Ledger, then from the Tools menu select Verify ledger. The verification process begins.
  9. Select to make a backup and complete the wizard. The ledger is backed up and verified.
  10. Follow the menu path: Reports > Reporter > Design Client Reports The Report Designer opens.
To run a uninstall and reinstall AE Reporter workstation

If you experience the error on other workstations and it is also not isolated to one Accounts ledger, perform the following on the affected workstations.

  1. Disable the anti-virus application on the workstation. The anti-virus is disabled.
  2. Follow the menu path: Start > Control Panel > Programs and features. The Programs and Features window opens listing the applications installed on the workstation.
  3. Select each of the following and select Uninstall:
    MYOB Accountants Enterprise Reporter 3.3;
    MYOB Accountants Enterprise Reporter Integration (Workstation 3.3); and
    MYOB AE Reporter Integration Workstation.
    The workstation components are removed.
  4. Run the AE Reporter workstation setups for versions 3.3 and 3.4 as administrator.  For more details refer to Running a workstation setup for AE Reporter (AU) The workstation components are installed.
  5. Enable anti-virus. The anti-virus is activated.

If you still experience this error, check the size of S6AccReporter.dll in the BIN folder in the installation folder on the server and contact MYOB Support to ensure the integrity of this file. This file should be at least 536KB.


Heat calls 02264986 and 02269463

Note: If this process is not successful you may need to perform a dummy entry in the Accounts ledger before Compacting, Expanding and Verifying the ledger.


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