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Running a workstation setup for AE Reporter (AU)

This support note applies to:

  • AE Reporter (AU)
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When you install MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) AE Reporter you need to firstly install the server component and then run a workstation setup on each workstation to install the workstation components required to run the application.

This is also the case for a new standalone installation. You need to install the application and then run the workstation setup for the workstation.

To ensure a workstation can operate Reporter you need to run the workstation setup process from the Reporter Integration folder. This location may vary depending on the ledger product you're using.

Based on the Reporter version you are running, you'll need to run either Setup.exe or MYOBAEReporterWorkstation3_4_AU.exe or both.

For more details refer to the following install guides:

  • Accountants Enterprise Reporter 3.3 Installation Guide under the heading Reporter Integration (Workstation 3.3) Install
  • Accountants Enterprise Reporter 3.4 Installation Guide under the heading Workstation Installation
  • Accountants Enterprise Reporter 3.5 Installation Guide under the heading AE Reporter integration (Workstation 3.5) install.

For Windows 8 & 10 workstations you need to ensure you Disabling User Account Control (UAC) for the installation.

To determine which version of reporter you're running

Open MYOB Reporter for any ledger and from the Help menu, select About MYOB AE Reporter.

Reporter has two versions being a program version and a master version. The master version indicates the version of the master reports you are running. For the purpose of this workstation install, refer to the program version.

To run a workstation setup
  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Reporter Integration folder. This is commonly found in the following installation locations:

    If you're using...Installation location
    AE MAS\Sol64\Setup\Reporter Integration\
    AE Accounts\MYOB\Setup\Reporter Integration\
    AE Combined Installer\MYOBAE\AESQL\Tax\Setup\Reporter Integration\
    AO\MYOBAO\AOSQL\Tax\Setup\Reporter Integration\

    The location for the MYOB AE Accounts workstation setup for Reporter can differ from the above. To identify the exact location open any AE Accounts ledger and follow the menu path to the Help > About. Click Application Details and note the Installed Location.

  2. Double-click the relevant file for your version:

    VersionFile name
    Reporter 3.3Setup.exe
    Reporter 3.4Setup.exe, MYOBAEReporterWorkstation3_4_AU.exe
    Reporter 3.5Setup.exe

    If you do not see the extension .exe, the file to run is as listed above and the file has the type of Application. For more details regarding enabling file extensions refer to Viewing hidden files, folders and drives or enabling file extensions in Windows

  3. Answer the questions as required as the wizard continues then, at the Destination Folder screen select the relevant location for your operating system.

    Operating systemDestination folder
    32-bitC:\Program files\MYOB\Reporter\3.3\
    64-bitC:\Program files (x86)\MYOB\Reporter\3.3\
  4. Click Finish. The installation completes.

When installing MYOB AE Reporter 3.4, if you select an incorrect location for your environment or a destination which is different to where MYOB AE Reporter 3.3 is installed, you may experience the error “This update is unable to detect AE Reporter program files from the selected directory”. Ensure the location selected for updates (such as MYOB AE Reporter 3.4) is the same location as selected for MYOB AE Reporter 3.3. For more details refer to Error: "This update is unable to detect AE Reporter program files from the selected directory"

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