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Error: "9/Data Type Mismatch" when opening Workpapers in AO Classic

This support note applies to:

  • AO Classic General Ledger (AU)
  • AO Classic (NZ)
Article ID: 32674

The "9/Data Type Mismatch” message can appear when opening Workpapers on a PC with Microsoft Excel 2010 installed.

Due to the version of Excel that FoxPro exports files for, there is a change required to Excel 2010 for the features within AO classic to work.

Microsoft added extra levels of security in Excel 2010 which by default do not allow a user to open a file format version of Excel before 2007 with full write permissions, 2003 file versions will also have restricted access.

Within Excel 2010 you can change the default security rights, please follow the instructions below to perform this task.

How to change the default security rights
  1. Open Microsoft Excel 2010

  2. Click on the File Menu and click on Options. You will be taken to the Options screen

  3. Click on Trust Center at the bottom of the menu. The trust centre screen will display

  4. Click on the Trust Center Settings… button. The Trust Center screen appear

  5. Click on the File Block Setttings Menu down the left hand side of the window

  6. Ensure all the settings for Excel 2 worksheets and above are unticked.

  7. Click OK to apply the changes.

The error should not appear again.

For further information see Microsoft Office 2010 Compatibility Statement

This article applies to Office 2010 32-bit. MYOB Accountants Office is not currently compatible with Office 2010 64-bit.


Internal Notes

Problem no: 11015051771

This error may occur on Windows 7 64-bit.

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