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Error: "Accountants Enterprise is not licensed"

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
Article ID: 35140

When opening Accountants Enterprise Practice Manager, you may see the error 'Accountants Enterprise is not licensed' on one or more machines. This indicates there is a licensing issue that needs to be resolved.

All computers

This indicates that there is no license in the specified registration path, usually meaning that you have not called support for a license after installing AE. On the server, go to Start > All Programs > MYOB Accountants Enterprise> System Release Tools > Registration and call MYOB support.

Verify you can access Practice Manager on the server following this. If the issue persists, this indicates there is an incorrect setting somewhere on the server. You can confirm this by opening up System Release. If no error appears, this indicates the Registration.ini file in the Deploy folder (C:\Program Files\MYOB\Central\Deploy) on the server is incorrect. Open the file in Notepad and enter in the correct path to your Registration folder.

This path must be in UNC form, not an absolute path. i.e \\SERVER\S6CLIENT\MYOBAE\Registration instead of M:\MYOBAE\Registration.

If you receive a Non-Licensed Environment error when opening System Release, or if the above fails to resolve the issue, refer to Error: "Non Licenced Environment".

Some computers

If Accountants Enterprise works on some computers but not others, this indicates a file lock issue as the business_login.inf and compliance_login.inf files in the Registration folder are not being released by Windows.
MYOB highly recommends disabling Opportunistic Locking on all machines (including the server) as per Turning off opportunistic locking.

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