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Error: "AE tax install did not complete successfully" when installing AE Tax

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)

These instructions require technical expertise

Make sure you know what you're doing and are using one of the products listed. If you're not sure, ask your IT professional or MYOB.

Article ID: 29280

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Tax Series 6/8 (AE Tax), if you get the following error "AE tax install did not complete successfully" when installing AE Tax, check your Taskbar, that is the section displaying the program tabs at the bottom of your screen, for a window displaying a security warning.

If there is a window with a security warning related to the AE Tax installation, click OK to proceed with the installation.  The installation will then succeed.

If there is no security window or the problem persists, run the latest Windows Updates on the SQL sever and then install AE Tax again.

These updates can be obtained from .

If the error persists, send MYOB the following files via a support request in order for MYOB to resolve the associated installation issue.  For details on submitting a support request refer to Submitting a support request

Files to send to MYOB

You can find these files on the server in C:\Program Files\MYOB\AETAX\INSTALL or C:\Program Files\(x86)MYOB\AETAX\INSTALL











MYOB Internal notes:

Log ID 1811915 is an instance of the security warning. If the issue cannot be resolved from the initial files that were sent, please get the client to also send in the following files. Location of file C:\Program Files\MYOB\admincentre\INSTALL File name AdminCentreInstall.LOG Location of file C:\Program Files\MYOB\Registration\INSTALL File name Registration.LOG 

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