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Error: "Fetch Chart Of Accounts failed with {"errors":[{"status":"404","title":"Not Found" .... }}]} when launching Assets online

This support note applies to:

  • AO Assets Live (AU)
  • AE Assets Live (AU)
Article ID: 31941329

When launching Assets online for a client, you may experience the following error:

Fetch Chart Of Accounts failed with: {"errors":[{"status":"404","title":"Not Found","detail":"Not Found","source":{"pointer":"LedgerUnification.Services"}}]}

This error appears where no ledger is linked to your client in Practice Online.

To resolve this error, open Practice Online and link the MYOB Ledger to the client as follows:

To link a ledger to a client
  1. From within AE/AO, click the Live icon. Your default web browser opens to the Clients tab of
  2. Click Transaction processing in the sidebar (if you're using the new navigation, click Transaction processing in the top menu bar).
  3. In the Online files view, click Link to client directly below the file name you want to link. 
  4. In the Who does this file belong to? dialog, enter the client name in the Search field and press ENTER.

  5. Select the appropriate client from the list of results. The Are you sure this is correct? dialog displays the details of the file that will be linked to the selected client.

  6. Check the details. If it's the right client, click Link file, otherwise, click Change and select another client, or search again.

For more information on linking online files in Practice Online. Check out our topic, Linking an online file to a client .
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