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Error: "The System Services path does not exist on your system" when launching compliance modules

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
Article ID: 28238

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Practice Manage (AE PM) you may experience the error "The System Services path does not exist on your system. Please ensure it has been configured correctly" when attempting to launch either a Tax or MAS ledger for a client.

If all users are experiencing the error, this indicates that the System Services path is incorrect in the Configuration table.

If one user is experiencing the error, it indicates the drive where the System Services path resides is either not mapped or mapped incorrectly for the user.

To check the Configuration table

The instructions below use the example of System Release installed in e:\sol64 directory.

  1. From AE Practice Manager, follow the menu path: Maintenance > User Defined > Configuration. The Maintenance -Configuration page appears.
  2. For the Key Name System Services, type: E:\SOL64 in the Key Value field and click OK. The Configuration changes are saved.
The user/s experiencing the error will need to login to AE PM after the Configuration setting is saved.
To check the network drive

All workstations on the network accessing MYOB must have the same mapped drives for where System Release resides.

If the error message only occurs on the one computer, open System Release and from the Help menu select About.  Click Application details and note down the Installation location.

On a computer that can open MYOB, right click on the Windows Start button and select Explore.  Compare the drive mappings to the computer/s that are experiencing the error.  Map or disconnect network drives as required.

To ensure the error is not caused by the computer temporarily losing connection to the network drive, try and navigate around folders in that network drive.

If the drive is mapped and accessible from the affected workstation, refer to Enabling Linked Connections in Windows


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