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Error: "Type Mismatch" when opening the Asset details

This support note applies to:

  • AE Assets (AU)
Article ID: 26958

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Assets (AE Assets) you may experience the error message "Type mismatch" when accessing asset details.

This error can occur due the Regional Setting on the effected workstation.

  • Negative Sign Symbol field is "-"
  • Negative Number format field is "-1.1".

To check regional settings
  1. At the Windows Desktop, follow the menu path: Start > Control Panel  > Region and Language. The Region and Language window opens.
  2. Click Additional Settings. The Customise Format window opens.
  3. Ensure following settings:
    • Negative sign symbol is -
    • Negative number format is -1.1
  4. Click Apply then click OK twice.

The Region and Language window closes and the settings are updated.

If you are still experiencing the error after you have updated the Regional and Language settings, Submitting a support request and attach a backup of the affected Assets Ledger.

Heat reference 1063210

ITS reference 4569

To fix the Assets database:

  1. Make a copy of the client data before editing.
  2. Obtain a list of all the problem Assets by printing a Full Schedule or have client supply you with these Asset codes.
  3. Open the .AST file in Microsoft Access
  4. Go to table PFAsset. Look at column AssetCode and make a note of the AssetId (unique code) of each problem asset. Then close the table.
  5. Open table PFAssetYearBalance and make your way down the AssetId column until you reach the problem AssetId.
  6. Go to the row for YearNumber 0 and move across to column OpenWrittenDownValue_Tax. Remove the - (minus) sign for Year 0 only.
  7. Move across to column OpenWrittenDownValue_Acc and remove the - (minus) sign.
  8. Close the table.

When you send the data back to client ensure the client backs up their data before restoring the fixed ledger. They will need to edit the Opening balance to the correct amount and run the Recalculate depreciation tool from within AE Assets via Tools > Re-Calculate Depreciation.

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