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Error: "typecheck" when printing to PDF Manger in Chrome

This support note applies to:

  • PDF Manager (AU)
  • PDF Manager (NZ)
Article ID: 48889858

When you use Chrome to print to MYOB PDF Manager and you click Preview PDF in PDF Manager, the PDF may display the following error on any page:

Error: typecheck
Offending command: setline cap

This error is due to a Chrome update, and may be resolved in a future Chrome update. The error won't happen on all web pages.


  • Use another web browser to print to PDF Manager.
  • If you want to use Chrome, either:
    • roll back to a version of Chrome earlier than 80.0.3987.87, or
    • save the PDF to your Watchfolder settings and import the PDF to PDF Manager.

      To import the PDF from your Watchfolder

      This workaround is only available on Windows 10 and you need to have a Watchfolder settings set up.

      1. In Chrome, go to the website that you want to print and press Ctrl+P.
      2. Select Save as PDF and click Save.
      3. Browse to your PDF Manager Watchfolder and click Save.
      4. In PDF Manager, click Get Documents from Watchfolder. The PDF is imported into PDF Manager.
      5. On the left of PDF Manager, click Preview PDF. The PDF displays without the error.

Notes for support

You won't see this error on all the websites. Some will work. Get the client to try different browsers. We aren't aware of what updates happened in Chrome, so we're continuing to investigate the error.


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