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Installing the AccountRight API

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MYOB Client Accounting communicates with MYOB AccountRight files by means of the AccountRight API tool.

To enable successful configuration, importing and posting between Client Accounting and AccountRight, you'll need to have the latest version of the AccountRight API installed. This installer is only available with the Server Edition of AccountRight.

A new version of the API tool is provided with every upgrade of AccountRight. This will need to be installed each time you install a new version of AccountRight. From AccountRight version 2013.3 the API installer is initiated at the end of the AccountRight Server Edition installation.

Ensure that you complete the installation of the API at this point as it contains essential information for successfully sending information into Client Accounting.

To install the AccountRight API
  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to:

    Operating SystemLocation
    32-bitC:\Program Files\MYOB\AccountRight\API_Installer
    64-bitC:\Program Files (x86)\MYOB\AccountRight\API_Installer

    If you don't see an API_Installer folder, make sure you've installed the Server Edition of AccountRight.

  2. Within the API_Installer folder, double-click the MYOB.AccountRight.API.Bootstrapper.exe file.
  3. Continue through the installation wizard to install the API tool. The API tool is installed.

For more information about the AccountRight API or Add-On Connector, see AccountRight Add-ons. For installation issues, check out our Installation troubleshooting article.

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