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Message: "Do you want to save the changes you made to 'Template"

This support note applies to:

  • AO Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AO Practice Manager (AU)
  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
Article ID: 37148

In MYOB Practice Manager (PM) you may experience the following message "Do you want to save the changes you made to 'Template'" when closing Word after previewing an invoice.

This message occurs as Word thinks that there has been a change to the template and is therefore prompting to save the template.

To resolve this message, check the following areas:

  1. Check the Document Protection has been disabled
  2. Open the billing template,make a change and then save the changes

How to check the Document Protection has been disabled. For details refer to Error: "A file error has occurred" when previewing bills in Word

To open and save the billing template

From the machine that has the issue, open the billing template, make a change and save the template.  Test the billing template by creating a new dummy invoice to identify if the message appears when attempting to close Word.

To find the location of your templates follow the steps in PM:

  1. Follow the menu path: Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Document Styles. The Maintenance - Document Styles page appears.
  2. Take note of the Word Template column and browse to this location using File Explorer. The template is located.
  3. Right-click the template and select Open. The template opens.
  4. Edit the template i.e. re-type the Tax Invoice heading (or part of it)
  5. Click Save and close the Word template.


SR# 114196554207 


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