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Performing a Datasafe backup

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Accounts (AU)
  • Profiles (AU)
  • Timecost (AU)
Article ID: 29312

Datasafe creates a backup of the current database. The current database is displayed at the top of the DataSafe Utilities window. 

When you click the Backup Now button in Datasafe, you have 2 options for backing up:

  • Regular: If you backup in a cycle. The oldest backup in the cycle will be eventually overwritten by the latest Datasafe backup.
  • Special: If a special backup is selected, this backup will never be overwritten.

For further information on Datasafe, refer to Datasafe functionality and suggested backup regime.

Datasafe backs up all your data except for AE Tax ELS and PLS data. This data needs to be manually backed up separately from the Datasafe backup. Your ELS and PLS reports are located in the SOL64\TA\<dbname> folder where <dbname> is the name of the SQL Tax database i.e AETAX1, AETAX, SQLTAX.

Before you begin, ensure all users have exited out of the MYOB software.

To backup
  1. At the Windows Desktop, follow the menu path: Start > Programs > MYOB Accountants Enterprise > Datasafe. The Datasafe Utilities window appears.
  2. Click Backup Now. The Database Backup window appears.
  3. Select the Special - keep until manually deleted option.
  4. Enter Backup <today's date> (where: <today's date> is today's date) in the Label for backup field. Then click OK. Datasafe commences the backup cycle. Once completed the message "Backup completed succesfully appears" displays.
  5. Click OK. The back up is completed successfully.

For more assistance on backing up alternative databases, click Help on the DataSafe Utilities window.

For information on performing a scheduled backup refer to Scheduling DataSafe to back up one or more databases.

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