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Setting permissions to allow importing of disbursements

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
Article ID: 29078

AE Practice Manager (AE PM) allows the option to import disbursements after first ensuring the system is setup correctly to allow permissions to import.

To set the permission to allow for importing disbursements

The instructions below use the example of setting the permission to allow for the security group of Basic 2.

  1. In AE PM, follow the menu path Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions. The Task Permissions screen appears.

  2. Select the product Practice Manager in the Product field. The product displays.

  3. Select Basic 2 from the Group field. The group displays.

  4. Expand the Employee Group Description by clicking the [+] symbol. The Permissions Description values appear.

  5. Select Allow for the permission #Timesheets #Import Disbursements and click OK.

To import disbursements please refer to Importing disbursements
We recommend that the file to import reside locally on c:\ or on the network disk. A log is generated as a result of the import and is output to the same location as the import file.

Refer to File format for importing disbursements into Practice Manager for file formatting details.

Disbursements are imported into an unsubmitted sheet so they can be checked and edited if necessary prior to being posted.

MYOB Internal Notes

To set the permissions to all for importing Disbursements for v 4.1 and below

To edit PMSSQL.ini and set Import/Export to True

1. At the Windows desktop, click Start and select Run.
The Run screen appears.

2. Type pmssql.ini and press ENTER.
The pmssql.ini - Notepad screen appears.

Note: On terminal server sites PMSSQL.ini is saved to the user profile of each individual user. You will need to open the pmssql.ini from the windows directory under the user's profile.

3. Under the [Parameters] section, check the following settings:


4. If you are required to make any changes, from the File menu, select Save. 

In versions of AE Practice Manager prior to 5.0, select VPM in the Product field.

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