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Warning: "Report data truncated at right margin" when previewing a tax return or form

This support note applies to:

  • AO Tax (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Tax (AU)
Article ID: 30257

In MYOB Tax, when previewing a return containing schedules or worksheets, a yellow warning may appear on the top-right of the Print Preview screen.

The warning advises that the document you're previewing has been truncated. This can occur if the document doesn't fit on the page setup allocated to that particular schedule or worksheet (see example below).

You may need to adjust the Page scaling or Orientation to ensure all the contents appear in the Print Preview and the warning message has disappeared.

To create a new page setup
  1. Open any tax return in the year that you want to create the page setup (for example, 2018).
  2. From within the return, click on the File menu and choose Page setups. The Select page setup window appears.
  3. Click New. The New page setup window appears.
  4. Type the new name of the page setup in the Name field and if applicable, select the Apply a default printer for this page setup checkbox. The fields below the checkbox are enabled and the Printer name appears.
  5. Click the Page layout tab and apply the settings required. You can use the table below as a guideline.

    Windows NativeDOS Emulation




    Top margin


    Page length67

    Bottom margin


    First line1

    Left margin


    Last line65

    Right margin


    Left margin1

    Page scaling


    Paper type0




    Base Font

    Courier New




    Base fontListing 1



  6. Click OK to save your changes, then on the Select page setup window click Cancel to close the window.

  7. You'll now need to allocate the page setup to the document type. See Creating and allocating a page setup for details.
  8. Test the new page setup to make sure the warning message doesn't appear.
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