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How to Edit Item Properties

Accountants Enterprise only

Depending on your security level you are able to edit details associated with each ledger you are viewing.

To edit item properties
  1. From the folder listing, select the required item.

  2. Right click on the item and click Properties or click [Ctrl+Tab]. The Item properties window opens.

The Item properties are presented on five tabs:

  • the General tab identifies the Client, Type, Generation, Name and Location (of the data files). The generation number increments with each backup. To edit the Name click [F2].

  • The Options tab shows the default page setup.

    A page setup selected here overrides both the users’ default page setup or any page setup defined in the application template by the system administrator.

  • The Controls tab indicates the Availability of the item. If Single user or Exported is selected then the User and WkStn fields display the details.

  • The Users tab displays the current sessions using this item.

  • The MLS tab displays the MLS controls for the item. To edit these details or add to the list, click [F2].


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