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International dealings schedule (ids)

The International Dealings Schedule (IDS) is used for taxpayers to report specific information on international dealings. The requirement to lodge the IDS is dependent on answers provided at specific questions in a Company, Partnership or Trust tax return. These trigger questions are identified on the tax return and in the instructions.

International Dealings Schedule replaces Schedule 25A and the Thin Capitalisation schedule.

Features of the IDS include:

  • The threshold for reporting details of international related party dealings is now $2m.

  • The schedule has specific questions on internally recorded dealings with permanent establishments (branch operations).

  • Superannuation funds are not required to complete the IDS.

The IDS is available to lodge via PLS from 2018 and later years. It may also be lodged as a paper facsimile.

From 1 July 2017 the International Dealings Schedule will have new and changed labels across different sections of the form.

Section A - International related party dealings

  • new question 13f heading

Section B –  Financial arrangements

  • new question 19a

Section C - Interests in foreign entities

  • item 21 changed 
  • item 21a new question
  • item 21b new question
  • item 21c new question
  • item 21d new question
  • item 21e new question
  • item 23 replaced the question to remove legislative references
  • item 28a changed 
  • item 28b new question
  • item 29a changed 
  • item 29b changed 

Section D - Thin capitalisation

  • item 30a changed
  • item 30b new question
  • item 37a new question
  • item 37b new question
  • item 37c new question

Section E - Financial Services Entities

  • item 40 changed
  • item 40a changed
  • item 40b changed
  • item 40c changed

See International dealings schedule instructions on the ATO website for IDS instructions, or email the ATO at

The International Dealing Schedule contains 6 sections:

SectionRefer to ATO International Dealings links:
Section A. International related party dealingsSection A Questions 2 to 18.
Section B. Financial arrangements

Section B Questions 19 and 20.

Section C. Interests in foreign entities

Section C Questions 21 to 29.

Section D. Thin capitalisation

Section D Questions 30 to 39.

Section E. Financial services entities

Section E Questions 40 and 41.

Section F. Miscellaneous

Section F Questions 42 and 44.

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