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Item 14 - Label O - Other Australian income

See Other Australian income on the ATO website for a comprehensive description.

Show at label O the total amount of other Australian income. If the amount is a loss, enter a negative before the amount.

You can enter the amount and description of the income directly in the main return.

Description: Enter the description that best describes the income. To add extra entries in the main return, press Ctrl+Ins.

Amount: This is the total amount for the income described. Alternatively, use the Other Income schedule (oi) to dissect the amount to integrate to label O and to save keying descriptions on the front cover of the return. Click label O to open the worksheet. See Other Australian source income worksheet (oi).

CCH references

10-000 Assessable income: Overview

10-005 Checklist of taxable and non-taxable items

10-240 Bonuses on insurance policies

10-510 Royalties

23-075 Foreign currency gains and losses

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