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Item 36 - Business name of main business

The business name of the main business activity should be consistent from year to year, except in the year of a name change or if it is no longer the main business.

If the business name is legally changed, send written advice of the change to the ATO at the time the change is made. Show the current business name on the tax return.

If the business name is present, then the business address item 37 and business income item 5 must also be present.

Changing a locked address

If a green padlock can be seen next to the business address, the address is being supplied by the client details noted on the Address tab in framework, and can’t be changed here.

To change an address with a green padlock:

  1. Close out of the return and go to the Addresses tab for the client in Framework.

  2. Make any required changes.

  3. Go back into the return and the address change should now appear. Click View > Refresh to refresh the tax return if required.

See the link in Related Topics for more information.

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