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Item 5 - Annual return status

Is this an amendment to the SMSF’s 2018 return?

Amendments to the annual return may be prepared and lodged electronically by selecting Preparation > Amend and following the prompts. Refer to Amending Lodged Returns.

This item is not available for data entry. It is for Facsimile Returns being lodged over the counter at your Lodging Office.

Is this the first required return for a newly registered SMSF?

The response to this question defaults to No. On [F3] Validation a warning may generate to advise you to check this response, if:

  • The Date of establishment/incorporation on the Return Properties PAYG/Lodge tab for this return shows the SMSF has been registered within the last 18 months, and

  • The response to the above question is No.

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