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Item 6 - SMSF Auditor

From 1 July 2012, Approved Auditors of SMSFs can register with the Australian Securities and investments Commission (ASIC).

From 1 July 2013, Approved Auditors must register with ASIC to be able to conduct audits of SMSFs.

ASIC maintains a public register of Approved Auditors who are registered with them. You can check whether your auditor is registered and search for a registered auditor by visiting the ASIC website: You should check that your auditor is registered with ASIC each year before engaging the auditor to complete your annual audit.

SMSF Auditor Number (SAN)

ASIC issues a registration number to Approved Auditors who register with them. Enter the approved auditor's registration number in the field provided.

Use Agent’s details?

Select Y at this question to pre-fill the auditor details for the default agent for the practice as recorded on the Control record refer to Names/Audit  or those details recorded for the Audit tab for the agent named on the Return Properties Staff tab. Alternatively, key them in the fields as advised below:

Label A - Date audit was completed

Before the annual return can be lodged the SMSF is required to be audited even if no contributions or payments were made during the income year. Enter at label A the date the audit was completed; the date must be within the current income year.

Label B - Was Part B of the audit report qualified?

SMSF trustees may be penalised for making a false or misleading statement.

If the report is qualified, select Yes from the list. Otherwise select No.

Label C - If the audit report was qualified, have reported compliance issues been rectified?

If the answer at label B is Yes, you need to provide an answer at label C by selecting Yes or No from the list.

For information on auditing standards and independence, refer to the standards of your professional association as well as considering the Auditing Standard issued by the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board available at

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