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Print a range of calculations

Not available in Accountants Office

How to access Print Options screen to print a range of calculations
  1. Click Reports > Print Reports.

  2. From the Print Options screen, click [Range].

  3. Select the options to be included or excluded and click [OK]. A series of screens, requiring your selections, are displayed.

  4. When the sequencing method has been selected, click [OK] to continue.

  5. When the range of calculations has been selected, click [OK] to continue.

  6. At the Preview / Print screen select the print options and click [OK] to continue.

Sequencing method

Select the sequencing method for your calculations. The reports will be printed according to the sequence selected here. The methods by which calculations can be sequenced are:

  • Return: Description: Type

  • Client: Description: Type

  • Client: Return: Description: Type

  • Description: Type

The sequencing method operates from left to right. For example, the first sorting sequence, Return: Description: Type means that calculations will first be sorted by return code, then in alphabetical order according to description, and finally sorted according to type.

Select Range of Calculations

Enter the range of calculations to be printed. The default range for all sequencing options is from first to last, that is, the first to last calculation in your Tax Calculator ledger. Accept the default, or enter the required range.

Format Code: Enter a mask, if required. A mask is a sorting device that sorts out calculations with particular features from the range of calculations you have selected. The title of the screen indicates the sequencing method selected.


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