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Activity Statements in Tax

Activity statements are now lodged via PLS.

For more information on PLS Activity statements and different form types see Getting started with PLS activity statements

Activity Statement labels



OLD ELS content 

Let tax automatically create your activity statements for ELS


The Activity Statements homepage functions streamline reporting and lodging electronically, refer to Activity statements homepage.


Activity Statements for your clients can be completed automatically from your Activity Statement client list, or they can be completed one at a time from the Activity Statement Summary Report.


When you request your first report from the ATO you should also select to receive unsolicited reports. Unsolicited reports are those that you do not have to request each month or quarter because they are generated at regular intervals by the ATO and uploaded to your ELS mailbox as soon as they are prepared.


Every ELS agent has an electronic mailbox and all ATO reports and bulletins, solicited and unsolicited, are stored in it until they have been retrieved. Once retrieved they are moved to the Old reports section where they remain for some time. Any report that is in your mailbox will be downloaded in an ordinary lodgment session or when you open the Connect to ATO screen and select to Receive Reports.


For more information on solicited and unsolicited reports, see to Reports received from the ATO 2019. For information on how to Request a Report from the ATO via ELS refer to How to request reports from the ATO 2019.


If you're using Series 6/8 Tax and using Contacts, you can find information on opening an Activity Statement from the Client > Matters tab in the Contacts help.


Activity Statement Wizard

For information on using Tasks bar functions to manage Activity Statements click this link to the help page for Tax Returns Tab and read Activity statements homepage.

The following steps apply to all activity statements:

  • Business Activity Statement (GA)

  • Instalment Activity Statement (GB)

  • Annual GST Return (GR)

  • Annual Instalment Activity Statement (GI)


To create activity statements manually from an open return

These steps outline how to create an Activity Statement from an open tax return or from the tax return highlighted in the tax ledger you are using Accountants Enterprise. If an OM Report is available data from this report will prefill the Activity Statement:

  1. Click Preparation > Schedule and select the type of Activity Statement to be processed (ga,gb, gi, gr). Tax checks for activity statements of the same type.

  2. If previous activity statements have been created for the type selected, the Select schedule index will list them.

  3. If adding a new activity statement, click New. The BAS/IAS dialog displays.

  4. Complete the BAS/IAS dialog:

    1. Enterthe ABN. If an ABN is stored for the taxpayer, it will default from the Return Properties > General tab.

    2. Select a form from the Activity Statement Type drop-down.
    3. Type the period start date in the Period covered from field. MYOB Tax generates the period end date according to the monthly or quarterly code and then checks for an OM Report with the same period start and end dates.
      If activity statement details for this period are available, the OM Import button becomes active.
      If the OM Import button is active:

      1. Click OM Import to check for details matching your client.

      2. Click OK at the message to open a new activity statement pre-filled from the report that has been matched to your client.

      3. Go to Step 7.

        Unlike the AI and AB import, the OM import will only create one activity statement at a time.

  5. If no download file for the period or no activity statement details matching your client are available, then enter the DIN and click OK. Refer to General Data Entry information.

  6. Click New to open a new activity statement and continue at Step 7 or click Revision to open a new version of a lodged activity statement.

    • If the previous statement was lodged from your MYOB Tax database, those details and values will default to the new statement and the revision number will be generated by Tax in the sequence (1-9).

    • If the previously lodged statement was not lodged from your MYOB Tax database but by an outside person or agent, the revision number will be set to ‘1’. Check with your client as to whether there have been any previous revisions of this particular activity statement and then type over the 1 with the correct revision number (1-9). Then click OK

When the activity statement opens, certain fields will have been pre-filled with the information from the front BAS/IAS screen. To complete the activity statement, use the information provided at the General Data Entry information topic.

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