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Family Assistance Consent

Consent to use part, or all, of your current tax refund to repay your spouse's Family Assistance debt.

Only complete this section of the Individual return if:

  • you were the spouse of a family tax benefit (FTB) claimant or the spouse of a child are assistance benefit claimant on 30 June of the current income year, and

  • your spouse has authorised you to quote their customer reference number (CRN) on your tax return - if your spouse does not know their CRN they can contact the Department of Human Services, and

  • your spouse has a Family Assistance debt or expects to have an Family Assistance debt for the current income year, and

  • you expect to receive a tax refund for the current income year, and

  • you consent to using part or all of your tax refund to repay your spouse's Family Assistance debt.

If one part of the consenter's details is entered, all of customer reference number, gender code, family name and date of birth must be entered at the Spouse Details item.

Completing the CRN inthe Spouse details dialog.

Enter the CRN in the last field in the Spouse Details SD dialog to advise the ATO.

 When the return is printed, the Family Assistance Office consent declaration will be printed with the Electronic lodgment declaration (ELD). 

CCH References

2-133 Means-tested family assistance

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