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Not available in Accountants Office

Letter heading: The relevant default heading will be displayed, for example, FLEXI for a standard flexi report, but can be edited if required. You may also select from the Select Letter index, which lists all the master and client letter layouts on the system. If you have customised a letter layout specifically for the flexi report, you may select it from the list.

Report width: The default is 132 characters wide, but this can be edited if required.

Report Type: Enter the one character code for the type of report you would like, or select: listing, letter and label. The report type you select here depends upon the type of report you wish to produce.

To obtain the results you require the report type must correspond to the layout selected at the Letter Heading field. For example when selecting a label report type make sure to select one of the label layouts.

Alternatively, you could have selected a label layout when you were initially required to select a layout from the Flexi Report index.

Only one column may be used for each label.

Detail lines per return: The default is 2 but can be edited if required. You cannot exceed five (5) lines. This refers to the number of lines of detail in the report for each return.

Total Report: This checkbox is activated only if you selected one detail line per return in the previous field. This field enables you to total numeric columns in your report, for example, for totalling invoiced amounts.

Double spacing: Tick this checkbox so that the report is double spaced.

Description: In this 80 character alphanumeric field, enter a description to assist you in identifying the structure of the flexi report.

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