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Flexi Reports

Not available in Accountants Office

The Flexi report settings are presented on tabs:

Flexi Reports provide you with the ability to prepare reports based on specific information contained in the Tax Ledger.

A wide variety of standard report layouts is provided. You may accept all the defaults contained in the report options or you may edit the options to only report on some of the options available for each report.

How to access Flexi Reports
  1. Click Reports > Flexi Report.

  2. From the Flexi Reports index, select to add, edit, copy or delete flexi report layouts.

Default Flexi report

The default report, Flexi, is the Standard Return Listing which, if printed without accessing the Properties of the Report, will provide a report of all the income tax returns prepared by the Practice.

The options of any Flexi report may be changed to further refine the reporting/sorting options which are available within the Properties Tabs of the report.

If you do not select the Properties of the Report, the program will move directly to the Print/Preview screen.

Once the user has nominated the information to be included and in what format it is to be printed, the flexi report can be previewed or printed.

How to produce a list of Flexi Report Layouts
  1. Click Reports > Flexi Report.

  2. From the Flexi Reports Layouts index, select File > List.

  3. Complete the Preview/Print screen to select the output device for this listing.

  4. Complete the Record Selection screen. The flexi report layouts then print in the manner you selected.

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