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Preparing the FBT return

To prepare the FBT return
  1. Open the client’s tax return.
  2. Click PreparationSchedule > Fringe Benefits return (fbt)

  3. Click OK or select the FBT return from the ATO forms in the left-hand navigation pane. See the ATO website for information on:

  4. At Item 13 Electronic transfer (EFT), pre-fill the financial institution details:

    1. If the taxpayer has given you (the agent) authority to accept refunds into your trust account on their behalf:

      • Click Agent and then enter the details used as shown on the Control Record Banking tab.

    2. If the payments are to go to the employer’s bank account and those bank details are stored in the Return Properties > Bank a/cs tab,select one of the following:

      • Client 1 - the details used are from Bank Account 1, or

      • Client 2 - the details used are from Bank Account 2

    3. Alternatively, enter the bank account details manually.

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