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Accountants Enterprise with Tax only

Practice Manager users do not have Rapidtax.

RapidTax allows you to prepare a workflow for data entry, printing and lodgment related functions for repeated use.

The RapidTax options can be accessed from three points:

  • Practice default: Click Utilities > Control Record, then open the RapidTax tab. The selections you make become the standard Rapidtax workflow for the practice.

  • User Preferences: You may customise a RapidTax workflow for each individual employees by clicking Maintenance > User Preferences and opening the Rapidtax tab. This workflow takes precedence over the standard for the Practice. You may click Execute to run RapidTax while editing your User Preferences.

  • Preparation: Click Preparation > RapidTax. Set the steps required for this instance only and click Execute to run workflow. After clicking Execute enter the client and return code to be processed.

The RapidTax options

These are a series of checkboxes to determine which steps are included in the RapidTax routine. For example, if you tick the checkboxes Client, Return, Form, Schedule and Print, then you are taken through all the relevant procedures for the selected client, return, form, schedules and print option when you execute RapidTax.

  • AutoStart
    You may select to begin RapidTax each time you enter Tax by selecting the AutoStart checkbox. With this checkbox selected, the RapidTax Selections display automatically.

  • Delete Schedule
    If this is ticked, then any schedules not used/updated in the current year can be deleted prior to printing.
  • Customising RapidTax Selections
    An employee's RapidTax selections may be customised so that RapidTax automatically begins each time a user enters Tax as the relevant employee. For example, if the employee 'BLOGGS' has selected the AutoStart checkbox, each time a user enters Tax as 'BLOGGS' the RapidTax Selection screen displays. When entering Tax as another employee, Rapidtax is bypassed.

    Continuing our example, if a user enters Tax as 'BLOGGS' and the RapidTax routine commences automatically, the RapidTax selections of the employee 'BLOGGS' supersede the selections of the practice. To return to the practice's selections, make sure that the RapidTax selections of the current employee correspond to the selections of the practice.

Executing Rapidtax

After selecting Execute identify the client and return.

Enter the Client Code that you wish to operate on or select from the list of clients. Then enter the return code for the return you wish to operate on or select from a list of returns on your system.
Finally click OK to continue.

1. To move from one procedure to the next, click [F6].
2. To exit before completing the RapidTax routine, click [Esc].

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