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User Maintenance

Accountants Enterprise only

User maintenance allows you to maintain profile details for each user in the system. You are able to add users, set user security, and maintain user profile preferences and defaults.

To access user maintenance
  1. From the Navigation bar, click Administration > User Accounts.
  2. The User Accounts window opens.
    The User Accounts window provides a list of current users. From this window you can create new users and maintain details on existing users.

Logging in as another user

A users can login as another user if their login code and password are known.

This is useful where a particular team member is away from the office for a period of time and another user can login as that person and perform tasks that person would otherwise perform.

To login as another user
  1. Click File > Login as to open the Login Gateway window.

  2. Enter the required User Code and Password.

  3. Click OK to open the Ledgers window. You are now logged in as that user.

Your ledgers list may appear differently depending on the setup.

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