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Year Defaults

Not available in Accountants Office

The Control Record Year Defaults index stores all control record information, for example, report layouts and default parameter tables.

To select the default parameter tables select Year Defaults > Properties and select the tables for Form I and Form T. Refer to Default Parameter Tables.

How to maintain the Control Record Year Defaults
  1. Click Utilities > Control Record > Year Defaults.

  2. The Control Record Year Defaults details may be edited to suit your practice.

Options available

From this screen, these functions are accessed:

  • Edit the details of existing control record information. Highlight the relevant control record information and click Properties.

  • Add new control record information. Click New.

  • Delete any unwanted control record information. Highlight the control record information to be deleted and click Delete. To confirm the deletion, select Yes at the prompt.

  • Click Report Defaults to display the Estimate Report Defaults. Click [F10] to edit the letter layouts for each header and footer.

  • Exit from the Control Record Year Defaults index. Click Cancel.

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