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Lodgment Benchmark

ELS is shutting down on 31st March 2019. See Working with PLS after ELS has shut down

The Lodgment Benchmark homepage (AE) or page (AO) shows the percentage of returns that have been lodged on-time for each agent and how many returns the agent is required to lodge to meet their 85% obligation. For the latest information about the 85% on-time lodgment requirement refer to Lodgment Program Framework on the ATO website.

The ATO and MYOB calculate your lodgment progress for your total current year lodgments for 2013 and onwards, using the formula:

How to ensure your lodgment benchmark is accurate

The Tasks bar functions are:

  • maintain correct agent details

  • request Income Tax Client Report from ATO

  • review Income Tax Client Report for accuracy,

  • View exception report, and

  • bulk update the return status.

To ensure that your latest client list is for the tax year you selected, you should Review Income Tax Client Report and View exception report before applying any changes to your data. This is to minimise the risk of updating your current tax year with a prior year client list.

To open the Lodgment Benchmark homepage (AE) / page (AO)
  1. Select Lodgment Benchmark from the Tax button. The Lodgment Benchmark homepage (AE) / page (AO) opens.
  2. Click the down arrow to select from the list of Agent(s). Initially the bar graphs for the first agent in the list is displayed.
  3. The agent’s code and identity are displayed beneath each bar graph. For example, the Return Type is Income Tax and the Tax Year is 2013.
To drill down to the Returns Due for Lodgment for an agent
  1. Click the bar to drill down to the Returns Due for Lodgment. The unlodged returns for the agent are displayed for the income year selected.
  2. Returns Due for Lodgment homepage (AE) / page (AO) now includes:
    • columns to identify the Agent and returns ‘not required’ and

    • ranges to refine the list to show returns that are ‘lodged late’, ‘lodged on-time’ and ‘not required’.

    • Client closed will show ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ according to the client’s status in Practice Manager / AO.

Refer to Returns Due For Lodgmentfor details.

To update an agent’s details
  1. Click Update agent details on the Lodgment Benchmark Tasks bar. The list of agents is displayed.

  2. Select an agent from the listed.

  3. Click Properties and make the change required. For the Practice Agent refer to Names/Auditor for other agents in the practice refer to Agents.

  4. Click OK to save the changes.

  5. Click Close to return to the Lodgment Benchmark homepage (AE) / page (AO).

  6. If the changes to the agent details are not showing, click the Refresh icon.

The ATO Reports are requested via PLS now. See Agent Reports homepage for more information.

Request Income Tax Client Report
  1. Click Request Income Tax Client Report on the Tasks bar.

  2. Select an agent from the list.

  3. Select Request. This will send a request to the ATO and the report is downloaded in about an hour.

Review Income Tax Client Report
  1. Click Review Income Tax Client Report on the Tasks bar. The list of agents is displayed.

  2. Select an agent from the list.

  3. Select Review. List PLS Reports window opens.

  4. From the Filter, select Client lists.

  5. Click Select > OK


  6. Select the Client Report Options.

  7. Click OK to open the Preview/Print screen opens.

To view the exception report
  1. Click View exception report on the Tasks bar.

  2. Select an agent from the list.

  3. Select View to open the latest Exception Report and the Preview/Print screen opens. Review the details for correctness.

Refer to Exception report - Updating Tax for details.

Update from Income Tax Client Report

Review the client list and View the exception report you are using to ensure the data is for the correct year.

  1. Click the Update from Income Tax Client Report on the Tasks bar.

  2. Select an agent from those listed and click OK.

  3. Select the Client Report Update Options and click OK.

  4. The message ‘This will overwrite returns properties for all returns that are contained in this Client List. Please ensure that you have a valid Client List for the Tax year before proceeding.’ displays.

  5. Refer to Update Options for RPTCL for details.
  6. Click OK to proceed.
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