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Working with PLS after ELS has shut down

ELS has shutdown

The ATO shutdown ELS on 31 March 2019 and are now using PLS instead. See Practitioner lodgment service on the ATO's website for more information.

From now on you must use PLS to lodge returns and activity statements, and request reports from the ATO.

More about PLS

Prepare your tax returns and activity statements using PLS by pre-filling them with up-to-date information from the ATO. You can validate your data against the ATO's records before lodging.

PLS validation checks are more rigid than ELS. If the details in your tax return or form don't match the ATO's records, you'll receive a rejection.

Keep all your client records up to date in the ATO Portal to avoid rejections.

MYOB Tax is PLS compliant

You can lodge tax returns and activity statements, and request agent reports in the latest version of MYOB Tax. 

Check this table to see which PLS functions you can perform in your version of MYOB Tax:

Tax versionPLS tax returnsPLS activity statementsPLS agent reports
2017.1 or earlier

2017.3, 2018.0 or 2018.0a

2018.1 or later

The earliest year you can lodge forms using PLS depends on your product: 

If you usePLS lodgment Paper lodgment
Accountants Enterprise2005 onwards2004 and prior
Series 6 & 82006 onwards2005 and prior
Accountants Office2010 onwards2009 and prior
AO ClassicNot PLS compliantAll returns created in AO Classic

PLS activity statements

You can lodge activity statements using PLS if you are on MYOB Tax version 2018.1 or later.

If you're not on the latest version of MYOB Tax, you'll need to update soon. ELS retired on 31 March 2019, so PLS is the only way to lodge to the ATO.

What's new:

Learn more about getting started with PLS activity statements.

Agent reports 

You can request agent reports using PLS if you are running Tax version 2018.1 or later.

What's new?

You can request the following reports in the Agent Reports homepage:

  • Activity statement lodgment report (ASLRPT)
    Lists all the outstanding obligations the ATO has on record for all the activity statements the agent lodged during the last six months. 
  • EFT reconciliation report (EFTRS)
    Helps you to reconcile client refunds paid into your trust account. It provides details of all EFT refunds the ATO expects to deposit into the agent's account.  
  • Income tax client report (ITCRPT)
    Lists the clients linked to your registered tax agent number. The ATO is expecting you to lodge tax returns for these clients.
  • The reports are either scheduled or on-demand.
PLS reportCategoryEquivalent ELS report
Activity statement lodgment report (ASLRPT)Scheduled (ONCE only unless report download failed)RPTAB, RPTAI and RPTOM

EFT reconciliation report (EFTRS)

Income tax client report (ITCRPT)On-demandRPTCL




Learn more about the agent reports homepage.

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