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Parameter Tables (Tax terminology)

AE Tax only

The parameter tables are used in estimate calculations for resident and non-resident individuals, minors and trustees. The following links shows where in the parameter tables you can find the rates, offsets, thresholds, percentages and so on.

To access the Resident Tax Rates
  1. Click Maintenance > Parameter Tables.
  2. For the relevant income year select Master Individual Table > Properties > Resident Tax Rates

Resident Tax Rates

  • General Tax Rates and Income Thresholds, resident and non-resident individuals, and resident and non-resident minors under Div 6AA.

  • Dependant Offset Details - Offset, ATI and Reduction percentage for:

  • Spouse,

  • Child/housekeeper, Housekeeper,

  • Notional Dependants

  • Other

  • Income Test Thresholds - Dependency offsets, employee share schemes, Commercial business losses thresholds.

  • Senior and pensioner Offset (SAPTO) - The categories of Pensioner Offset codes.
    The Properties option for each code provides the Offset information and combined taxable income.

  • Low Age Government Pensioners Offsets - The categories of Low Age Government Pensioners Offset codes.

  • Zone Offsets - Amounts and Offsets for Zone and Overseas forces:

  • Special and Ordinary Zone A

  • Special and Ordinary Zone B

  • Remote area allowance

  • Overseas Forces

  • Other Offsets tab - Tabs provide the details of offsets, thresholds and reduction rates for:

  • Government Co-contributions, Super contributions for spouse2017, Low Income Earners, and Medical Expenses;

  • Private Health insurance income ceilings and maximum tax offsets;

  • Other offsets rates for life assurance and friendly society bonuses, and infrastructure borrowing.

  • ETP and Lump Sum Offsets - Tabs are provided for:

  • ETP

  • ETP Death Benefit Payments to Dependants and Non-dependants

  • Taxable Component of Lump Sum

  • Super Death Benefits to Dependants and Non-dependants

  • SIS Taxable Components

  • SIS Death Benefits to Dependants

  • HECS-HELP and SFSS - Income ceiling and percentage of repayment of loans for:

  • HECS - HELP repayment rates, and

  • Student Supplement Loans (SFSS) repayment thresholds and rates

  • Medicare Levy:

  • Medicare and Surcharge levy rates and thresholds

  • Low Income Thresholds for single and married taxpayers and Phase in limits, and additional child increments.

  • SAPTO thresholds

  • Levy Surcharge Thresholds

For non-residents, the only rebate rate applicable is for ETP and Lump Sum Offsets.

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