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Select Return Index

Accountants Enterprise only

The Return index lists the returns on the ledger. The comprehensive set of functions provided are intended to assist both keyboard and mouse users. They include:

  • To restrict the list of returns to those for a single client, that is billing entity, refer to Select Client.

  • Graphical symbols to identify returns, refer to Return Index.

  • Navigation panels to make a selection of frequently used Reports, Functions and Favourites more accessible to mouse users. Refer to Return Index Navigation Panels.

  • Search for returns matching TFN, ABN or DIN, refer to Return Search Function

  • Right click menu of frequently used functions, refer to Right-click Menu.

  • Toolbar icons for frequently used functions, refer to Toolbar icons.

Order in which the returns are listed

Initially the returns are listed by Return Code. To change the order in which the Returns are listed, click on any column heading showing the arrow symbol.

Sorting the returns: The index may be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking a column heading where an Up arrow or Down arrow is shown. The columns include Return code, Tax File Number, Status and Return Name. Click a second time to reverse the order. The sort is case sensitive.


This column reveals the lodgment status of a return. The codes which may be displayed in this column will depend on the type of lodgment monitoring set up in Control Record > Lodgment Tab. Refer to Setting up your Control Record Properties and Lodgment.

Tax File Number

To search for a return by TFN, move to the TFN column, type the significant digits unformatted and click [Enter].


An individual's name is shown as the surname followed by a comma and then the first and second names.

When searching for a name DO NOT type the comma AND if your Practice has some entries in UPPER case and some in LOWER case, then for the search to work correctly, you MUST observe the correct case.

An entity's name is shown as entered.

Prior Year Returns

Any return that has not been rolled into the current tax ledger will show the year of the return in brackets before the return name. For example, return raised on 2017 and rolled forward to 2018 but not yet opened in 2018 will show [2017] before the return name. Refer to Retain Schedule Data (RSD) Options.

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