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Return Index

For Series 6 & 8:

This ledger has been opened independently of Practice Manager or Contacts. You should close the ledger and open the required tax return from the application to which it is integrated.

For Accountants Enterprise:

The Select Return index lists all the income tax returns on the ledger. Initially they will be listed by Return Code. The features provided on the Return Index include:

Tax file No. column

To search by TFN, click into the Tax file No. column. Type the exact 9 digits of the TFN unformatted and click [Enter]. If a matching TFN is found in the ledger focus shifts to that return.

Sorting the returns

The Return index may be sorted by clicking the column heading for Return code or Tax File Number. The sort is case sensitive.

Listing returns

To produce a list from the returns showing in your tax ledger:

  1. At the Select Return index, click File > List.

  2. Complete the Preview/Print screen to select the output device for your listing.

  3. Complete the Record Selection to enter the sort sequence, and the range of returns to be listed.

  4. Click OK to print the list.

Toolbar Icons

Tax provides many shortcut icons. You may customise additional icons to meet your needs. Refer to Toolbars.

Return Name column

An individual's name is shown as the surname followed by a comma and then the first and second names.

When searching for a name, DO NOT type the comma.

If your Practice has some entries in UPPER case and some in lower case, you must observe the correct case for the search to work correctly.

An entity's name is shown as entered in the Return Properties.

State/Status column

This column reveals the lodgment status of a return.

The method of lodgment monitoring set up under Control Record > Lodgment tab. The lodgment state applied to a return depends on the method of monitoring.

  1. If Simple Lodgment Control is in use, the column will show:

  • Not Started

  • In Progress

  • Sent for Signature

  • Ready to Lodge

  • Transmitted

  • Rejected

  • Lodged

  • Assessment Received

  • If the column is 'Status', the Monitor using Status Levels is in use. Status levels must be added for lodgment monitoring. Refer to Status Level Index.

  • Tax Tracking

Select button

Depending on the process being performed the Select button allows you to nominate a single return to be actioned by the current process, or retrieves the required details from the highlighted entry in the list.

When selecting from a list of returns, any return that has not been rolled into the current tax ledger will show the prior year before the return name. For example, in the 2010 ledger a return not yet opened in 2010 will show [2009] before the return name.

Delete a schedule

To remove a schedule attached to the return select Preparation > Delete Schedules. Locate the schedule in the list and select Delete. Confirm the operation by clicking Yes.

A message informs when a return has no schedules attached.


In the Return Index, this symbol indicates a lodged return has been amended more than once. For example, if you amend a return (code: carl) twice, the return codes will be ‘carl’ (the latest version); ‘carl1’ (the first amendment lodged) and ‘carl0’ (the first version of the return lodged). The amended icon displays ‘carl1’.

The return you work on will never have an Amended icon.

Refer to Amending Lodged Returns.


In the Return Index, this symbol indicates the Original lodged return to which amended returns with the same TFN relate.


In the Return Index, a Padlock indicates that the return has been exported and is therefore 'locked'.

New / Add return

To create a return, at the Return index select [Ctrl+Insert]. A blank Properties screen is opened. Refer to Customising Return Properties.

Alternatively, select the Add Return function from the navigation panel if you are in the habit of using this feature or right click on the Return index and select New.

 Select Client

Your practice may restrict the Return index to returns for selected clients.

To list returns by client
  1. Click Utilities > Control Record > Defaults

  2. Tick Select Returns by client.

  3. The next time you open Tax the return index will include the Select client icon. Click this icon or [Alt+E] to list the index of clients for your ledger.

  4. To view the returns for a client, locate the client and click [Enter].

To return to the full list of returns
  1. Click Utilities > Control Record > Defaults

  2. Untick Select Returns by client.

  3. The next time you open Tax the return index the Select client icon will no longer appear and the full list of returns is restored.

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