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User Preference tabs - Print Form

Two lists of options are provided for specifying the combinations of forms and schedules included in the standard print for this user preference. These are:

  • Select form

  • With schedules

Select Form

This contains a listing a all ATO forms available on the system:

  • Main form

  • Front cover

  • Direct Debit Authorisation

  • Client Update form (CU)

  • Fringe benefits tax return

  • None (you would select None if you wanted to print Associated worksheets and Generic without the main return)

  • Superannuation contribution surcharge

  • SCS variation

  • BAS form (GA)

  • IAS form (GB)

  • Franking account return (file copy only - cannot be lodged with ATO)

  • Annual BAS (GR)

  • Annual IAS (GI)

  • Join/Leave Consolidated Group (EX)

  • Standalone Family Trust election (XX)

  • Standalone Interposed entity election (YY)

  • Product Stewardship Oil Scheme (DK) (decommissioned by the ATO on 31st December 2006)

With Schedules

The With Schedules options are specified in conjunction with the parent form selected. For example, an Income Tax Return form can be printed:

  • Form only, that is, by itself

  • with associated ELS schedules or

  • All associated schedules, that is, with both ELS and Tax schedules.

By default all associated schedules will be printed. This default may be changed on this screen or in the Control Record.

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