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Deleting Schedules

You can delete a schedule attached to a form (or return):

  • during data entry when the form is open

  • (AE) from the Return index when the form is highlighted

  • creating a shortcut icon on the toolbar and click on it. For instructions on creating icons refer to Toolbars.

Deleting Integrated Schedules

When a form or schedule contains a value or values integrated from other schedules or sub-schedules to the schedule you have open, these integrated schedules and sub-schedules MUST be deleted first.

Example: To delete a Rental schedule to which you have integrated a Depreciation worksheet and/or a Capital Works Deductions worksheet
  1. Turn off integration to the Rental schedule in Depreciation worksheet.

  2. Turn off integration to the Rental schedule in Capital Works Deductions worksheet.

  3. Delete the Rental schedule.

If you delete a schedule or worksheet which has another worksheet integrating to it, Tax will recreate a blank schedule or worksheet of the type you have just deleted.

To delete a schedule
  1. Click Preparation > Delete Schedules to present the index of schedules currently attached to the return.

If there are no schedules attached to the return, the message No schedules on File for this Return is displayed.

  1. From this list highlight a schedule click [Enter].

  2. At the query, confirm the deletion by selecting Yes, or cancel the deletion by selecting No.

For Accountants Enterprise:
You cannot delete the main income tax return of any type nor the Calculation (Estimate) created for the return by clicking [F4]. Selecting to delete the main income tax return, clears it. Click [F4] again to confirm a NIL estimate.
Even though you have deleted the return there will always be a blank return if you click [Enter] on the return code.
Do NOT delete a return code from the Return Index unless you are planning to delete the entire return and everything attached to it, that is the all the tax affairs for the client.

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