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List steps of return by follow-up date

Accountants Enterprise only

This report allows the user to list all the Steps of all Returns that have a follow up date between the range specified by the user.

To produce a List Steps of Returns by Follow-up date report
  1. Select Reports > List Steps of Returns by Follow-up date ... .The List by Follow-up Date dialog opens.
  2. Choose the date range of follow-up dates for this report using the From and To fields. The format for the date field is dd/mm/ccyy.
  3. The default layout for the report is List Steps Returns.Another layout can be chosen by clicking the ellipsis and choosing from the list in the Select Letter dialog.
  4. Choose either the Normal or Alternate sequence to select returns to report on.
  5. Click OK to continue to the Print dialog.
  6. From the Print dialog choose whether to Preview, Print, or send the report to Disk.
  7. The Record Selection dialog allows for further selection criteria to be entered. Select a Sequence type from the options and then click Edit to define the parameters.
  8. Click OK to finalise the report.

Alternate range

This allows selection by:

  • Return Code: Event: Step
  • Partner
  • Manager
  • Employee
  • Event: Step

Normal range

This allows selection by:

  • Return Code: Event Code: Step Code
  • Tax File Number
  • Alternative TFN
  • Event Code: Step Code
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