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Month Due Reports

The Month Due Report option lists the lodgment due date for returns within a specific category. The user nominates the scope of the report, for example, the types of returns on which they wish to report.

How to print Month Due Reports
  1. Click Lodgment > Month Due Report.

  2. Click the category of reporting:

    • by Return

    • by Partner

    • by Manager or

    • by Employee.

  3. Click OK. If you selected by Return the Record Selection screen is displayed. Select the sort sequence an the range of reports to be printed and click OK.

  4. The Preview/Print screen will be displayed. Select the printing options for this report and click OK.

Month due report printed as a Flexi Report (AE)

Month due reports may also be printed using the Flexi Report which provides greater sorting flexibility. This is accessed from the Reports menu. Flexi report layouts can be added and saved for printing month due reports. For example, you may create a layout to report on all I, P and T returns which are due within the dates of May 1 and May 31 but which are not lodged as yet).

Specifying the report

The categories by which the Month Due Reports may be prepared are:

  • by Return

  • by Partner

  • by Manager or

  • by Employee.

Range: When you prepare this report by Return the range of returns to be included is specified on the standard Record Selection screen.

When you are preparing this report by Partner, Manager or Employee, the report will include all partners, managers or employees unless you enter the relevant codes in the From and To fields. For example, if you choose to report by partner, enter the first and last partner codes which you wish to include in the report.

From Month to Month: Enter the months from 1 to 12 which the report will cover.

Include Types: This is a 10 character alpha field which refers to the form type to be included in this report. Leaving the field blank means all form types will be reported on. Click [Enter] to leave the field blank.

Include Levels: This field refers to the levels of the returns to be included in the report. This is a 10 character field. Click [Enter] to leave blank and accept returns of all levels.

Include Lodged Returns: Tick this checkbox to include lodged returns in your report.

Include Status: Tick this checkbox to include or exclude returns depending on status. If selected, enter the range of status codes to be included at the From and To fields. For example, to restrict your list of returns when using simple monitoring enter From as 'lodged' and To as 'lodged'. If you do not tick this checkbox you will list all returns regardless of status, that is lodged, sent for signature, not lodged.

Exclude Subsidiaries (Consolidation): All lodgment reports have a checkbox that may be ticked so that the report will EXCLUDE subsidiaries of a consolidated group.

The checkbox will be unticked initially, as the standard is to include subsidiaries of a group.

Office Index Mask: The Office Index Mask is an 8 character alphanumeric field where an office index mask can be entered so the report sorts according to the mask you enter here. Click [Enter] to bypass this field if required.

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